Rose on poissa (Rose is gone)

A wild and lyrical epistolary novel about love, unfulfilled dreams and finding your roots by award-winning writer Katja Kettu

Piippuhylly (Pipe Collector)

By the lone shores of the Arctic Ocean, man’s sole companion is his imagination.

Surujenkerääjä (The Sorrow Collector)

A debut novel that is a delightfully skewed take on a young woman’s efforts to correct the wrongdoings of history and restore her family’s tarnished honour.

Hitsaaja (The Welder)

Katja Kettu’s narration gushes up from the cavities of soul and earth, from the places where God does not see.

Fintiaanien mailla (In the Land of the Finndians)

In the Land of the Finndians is a unique collaboration of Katja Kettu, a best-selling author, Meeri Koutaniemi, a top photographer, and Maria Seppälä, a seasoned documentary filmmaker.

Kätilö (The Midwife)

The Midwife has become a literary phenomenon, topping the bestseller charts for years. The novel has sold over 100.000 copies in Finland alone.

Yöperhonen (Hawk Moth)

Hawk Moth is a universal tale of tenancity and survival.

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