Author Katja Kettu will not attend the Gothenburg Book Fair

Posted on September 29th, 2017 by bonnier

Katja Kettu has canceled her attendance at the Gothenburg Book Fair. Reasons for the cancellation are personal, political, ethical and professional.

”I will not clarify my personal reasons but the political and ethical reasons are the following: the Gothenburg Book Fair organizers will give the neo-nazist publication Nya Tider a chance to attend the fair with their own symbols”, tells Katja Kettu.

The author travels a lot around the world participating events where she can not control the political background of other participants. However, Kettu feels that by participating in forums, such as large book fair, she can also get her own voice heard.

”I was going to march to the site in a shirt that would have said Against the Nazis and tell what I think about the rise of the extreme right. However, I changed my mind.”

Some authors have been told to participate because they want to support freedom of speech. Kettu does not see any reason to defend the rights of neo-Nazis.

”It is naive not to notice that such fascist groups aim to narrow down other freedom of expression by propaganda, intimidation and violence”, Kettu continues.

”In their own utopia they aim to create a national socialist state.”

Finland 100 seems to have lost as theme

Katja Kettu is disappointed with the answers provided by the fair organizers. She does not feel that she would have had her own voice heard at the book fair.

”Finland 100 and the anniversary also seems to be in the background”, the author says.

”I hope that next year writers will not have to bother their heads with this kind of stuff.”

Katja Kettu will also have to cancel her performance at the Turku Book Fair in October. The causes of withdrawal are completely professional.

”My new novel has to be finished”, tells Kettu.

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