”The Midwife is one of the most opinionated novels I've read in a long time. It is about existence where all boundaries have been crossed, and Katja Kettu creates this using language that is equally boundless. Her text throbs with longing and sensuality. The narrative writhes and bends like the wildest branches of a tree. It is hypnotic, you cannot shield yourself from it, and Janina Orlov’s rich translation ensures that the reader misses nothing.”

- Annina Rabe, Svenska Dagbladet

Polar Queen of Literature

Writer, animation director Katja Kettu (b. 1978) is a multifarious artist who perceives the world through words and pictures. She views writing as a form of translation – from reality to another potential reality. She hails from Rovaniemi, graduated as an animator director from the Turku Arts Academy and studied Finnish literature at the University of Tampere. Kettu later ended up in Helsinki, via Tallinn and London, where she teaches scriptwriting, makes music videos and works as a freelancer with writing and movies.

The beautiful and the ugly, sublime and sordid alternate in Kettu’s writing. Her idiosyncratic way of using language draws on the tradition of northern grotesque but with a sprinkling of magical realism.

Kettu considers herself a humorist of misfortune as well as a feminist and a person. She likes silence and dreams of devoting herself to her dog’s happiness again.
Katja Kettu



Estonian rights to Katja Kettu’s “exceptionally brilliant”, magical novel ROSE IS GONE (Rose on poissa, WSOY 2018) sold to Koolibri!

The Publisher’s statement reads as follows: “Koolibri have published three Katja Kettus´s novels before so she has got a proper fanclub here in Estonia. After reading ‘Rose is Gone’ I can say that the fanclub will not be disappointed – ‘Rose is gone’ is Katja at her best.” – Kadri Rahusaar, Commissioning editor ROSE IS GONE […]

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